Be involved

At C-MaP, Homa Bay, we are supported by willing, committed and supportive individuals, organizations, foundations and partners that go out of their way to ensure that C-MaP’s are felt at the very basic community level.

Being part of this fundamental Humanitarian programme, calls that we be part of the process at the very core of it.

Ways to be involved:

Individuals, organizations, partners and Foundations have various ways through they can become part of our programs.

Foundations, Trusts, Organizations, Partners, Collaborators and other Implementing agencies;

We believe that many, who improve the welfare of vulnerable communities through us, trust us to operate with integrity and transparency. We take your trust seriously and would like to request you to take a step and shares with us available funding opportunities and support both in kind and gifts to enable us continue offering tangible hope to vulnerable communities in need.

Foundations, trusts, individuals, organizations and partners touched by the destitute condition of our communities are invited to join hands with us through donations, collaborations, networking, partnerships and co–operation as we seek as sustainable approach in dealing with these challenges.  When you notify us that you are including C-MaP in your plans, you become a partner with us in supporting our programs.

Your intention to become an integral part of one or all of our programs cannot come at a better time than this. Kindly write to us through: or through any of our avenues for reaching us indicated in our “Contact Page.”

Similarly, financial donations can be deposited our bank or through pay pal using the banking details below:

Beneficiary Bank Name: Equity Bank of Kenya Ltd.

Bank Branch: Homa Bay Branch

A/c. name: Community Mobilization Against Poverty

A/c no. 098016156977

Swift code: EQBLKENA

Become a Volunteer

At C-MAP we have different volunteer avenues; giving you the chance to get involved in aspect of the very many program dynamics our program in many different ways and make a difference. We constantly invite and accept volunteers to assist us in:

  • Social work
  • Finance,
  • Fundraising,
  • Marketing
  • Communications,
  • Public policy & governance
  • Social media,
  • Research & documentation
  • Administrative work

Other aspects of the program is mainstreaming community participation, youth, advocacy, HIV/AIDS and minority groups in the community

Perhaps the biggest difference that you will make is in you. Volunteering is a life-changing experience. It will provide you with a new outlook and lease on life. You will understand better than most people how you fit into the global family of humanity. Make no mistake about it; this is an experience that you won’t want to miss.

Write to us today and let’s make this possible!


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